Nichelle Baptiste


Nichelle Baptiste

Nichelle Baptiste is a Cocorite native, world traveller, national scholarship winner and recent graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business with a BSc in Business, Economics Concentration and a minor in Spanish. Nichelle’s passion lies in special needs education having worked in the primary, secondary and tertiary education systems in T&T and she is currently engaged in a project to develop materials for alternative learning methods for the SEA curriculum.

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Recent Posts

June 16, 2019

Progressive Party Launch Speech

As we move forward I call on every right thinking citizen to ponder long and hard about the kind of Trinidad and Tobago you would like to see.

May 1, 2019

Challenging a two-party system

In response to the idea of a new political party it is quite common for a Caribbean, far less a Trinbagonian, citizen to hide behind the phrase, “this is a two-party system” as if, no matter what, a country’s prosperity, growth and progress is caught between two warring sides.