Progressives’ Policy Points


The Progressive Party proposes that Government, as demanded by citizens, must provide…

  • 1. Quality education at all levels which prepare individuals to overcome and solve their life’s challenges.

  • 2. A robust public and private health sector which seeks to anticipate, prevent, cure and rehabilitate in the face of health challenges.

  • 3. An adaptive, innovative and remedy-based economy that embraces current and future entrepreneurs, employers and employees, and is shaped by best-in-practice industrial relations laws and policies.

  • 4. A national security approach that focuses on crime prevention, detection and suppression in that order, supported by technology, data and innovation, with the goal of protecting life, limb and property and ensuring social and economic stability.

  • 5. A broad system of justice that, itself offers accountability, recourse, flexibility, swiftness, rehabilitation and respect for human rights and dignities.

  • 6. Environmental conservation which recognises that human survival is inextricably linked to the survival of plant and animal life, whether in captivity or in its natural setting.

  • 7. A sustainable agriculture sector which offers high quality produce for the domestic and foreign markets, which is equitably supported by infrastructural development, technology, incentives and access to current and emerging markets.

  • 8. A reprioritised energy sector which over time harnesses and centres on renewable forms of energy that can be used for local and regional consumption.

  • 9. A data-driven society that invests significantly into research and development to meet current and future domestic challenges as well as contributes to the global body of knowledge and innovation.

  • 10. A system of public transportation which is safe, reliable, interconnected, technology-driven and attractive to both passengers and operators.

  • 11. An integrated system of public utilities and infrastructural development that prevents wastage, increases access and affordability and minimises disruption of the natural environment.

  • 12. A well regulated housing environment which protects owners, landlords and tenants and directs that housing must be accessible, safe and affordable.

  • 13. An eGovernment framework which promotes interconnectivity by using the latest technology in every aspect of the public service and enhances the skillset of public servants so that they may continue to enjoy employment underscored by adaptability.

  • 14. A well organised and resourced sector which emphasises the importance of culture, sport and tourism as equally in need of preservation, enhancement, innovation and sustainability in order to achieve meaningful diversification.

  • 15. Enhanced democracy that ensures the Parliament and other state and decision-making bodies are representative of the diversity of the country in order to produce more relevant legislation and policies.

  • 16. An all-of-Government-approach to eradicating all forms of discrimination, while protecting and enhancing the rights of all citizens, especially vulnerable groups.


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May 1, 2019

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In response to the idea of a new political party it is quite common for a Caribbean, far less a Trinbagonian, citizen to hide behind the phrase, “this is a two-party system” as if, no matter what, a country’s prosperity, growth and progress is caught between two warring sides.