Standing Committees

There shall he established a Disciplinary Committee, an Elections Committee and a Membership Committee in accordance with the party’s constitution. These Committees shall be comprised of no more than five (5) members. These committees exercise the authority to act on behalf of the party in the conduct of their business.

Disciplinary Committee (

The Disciplinary Committee shall have the authority to prescribe templates for, investigate complaints of, conduct investigations into and make recommendations about disciplinary matters within the Party. The members of this committee are:

  • 1. Brandon James – Chairperson
  • 2. Carolena Seereeram – Vice Chairperson
  • 3. Diane De Roche – Secretary
  • 4. Dilworth Braithwaite
  • 5. Matthew Desaine

Membership Committee (

The Elections Committee is responsible for issuing the call for nominations, reviewing of applications screening of candidates and recommending candidates to the Board of Directors . This Committee is also responsible for administrative functions regarding local and general elections that the Party is involved in as well as internal elections. The members of this committee are:

  • 1. Marvin Wiley – Chairperson
  • 2. Kaaron Grant – Vice Chairperson
  • 3. Khadijah Pierre – Secretary
  • 4. Darrion Mc Pherson
  • 5. Diana Kelly

Elections Committee (

This Committee shall be responsible for, receiving applications for membership, vetting of applications, approval of membership and the overall standing and well being of members within the Party. The members of this committee are:

  • 1. Marc Chandler – Chairperson
  • 2. Carl Arjoon – Vice Chairperson
  • 3. Alyssa Rostant - Secretary
  • 4. Mikhail Phillip
  • 5. Keva Liverpool


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